The spECTrum 5000 and 4000 models were the fourth generation of MECTA’s ECT devices, and manufacturing of these devices was discontinued in December of 2019. MECTA highly recommends replacing your spECTrum with a new Simga ECT device in order to take advantage of the new features and ease of use. Click here if you would like to request Service for your spECTrum device and Click here to view spECTrum Clinical Accessories.


MECTA EMR Software

MECTA EMR © software has been updated to communicate with MECTA spECTrum and Σigma devices. MECTA EMR is database software designed specifically for ECT that markedly extends the capabilities of MECTA ECT devices. Learn more about MECTA EMR software


MECTA spECTrum Accessories

MECTA accessories have been designed, tested and approved for use with the MECTA spECTrum. As your one source purchase option, MECTA conveniently offers all of the accessories for your ECT service. By purchasing your accessories through MECTA or one of its international distributors, you can be assured of the best performance and value. Learn more about the MECTA spECTrum Optional Accessories.


MECTA spECTrum Instructional Materials

Need replacement manuals? Learn more about MECTA spECTrum Instructional Materials.